Presentation mode not working with screen reader


Reported by InclusiveOCW project since end April update:

After some time, I used slide wiki again to test my presentation with a
screenreader user. At our meeting we talked about the presentation mode. Before, it was only possible to go to the next slide with space bar, if I wanted to navigate in the slide content and read it with a Braille display.
Now, it is not possible at all. I can read the first slide, but when I use space bar to go to the second slide, the screenreader just reads the content, but without the possibilitiy to review and navigate with a
Braille display. I can then go to the next slide with arrow keys, but still without being able to access the content.

As our students are beginners, it is not enough for them to hear the content only once. They need to be able to move through the slide content in order to read in Braille or listen slowly. As it is now, I don't se a possibility to use presentations with blind students.

This was with FF and JAWs 18




Abi James